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Madeon Adventure

Madeon – New Album “Adventure”

Feb 23 • 581 Views • 1 Comment on Madeon – New Album “Adventure”

Three years ago an unknown french kid at the young age of 17, created a KILLER mashup, that quickly went viral and got the whole world rocking. The guy was called...

snapchat news

Snapchat – the fastest music sharing service?

Ever walked down the streets, with headphones in your ears and your favourite music application running. You are psyched because, the music...

Feb 20 • 437 Views

bruno mars mashup


Although this is four years ago, it is still frikkin’ awesome to watch one of today’s biggest musical talents, Bruno Mars,...

Feb 4 • 623 Views

Interviews Interviews

bigspinbill interview

Interview with BigSpinBill!

Mar 19 • 1164 Views • 6 Comments on Interview with BigSpinBill!

Today’s post is dedicated to one of the most exceptional up-and-comers of the mashup scene! A musical mastermind with tremendous flair for mashup! Give it up for...


Live interview with Mashup Germany!

We were sitting in the lobby of the four-stared superior hotel, that Ben (Mashup Germany) was staying in,...

Oct 30 • 1721 Views

Titus Jones Interview

Interview with Titus Jones

Calling all mashup lovers! We’ve got an incredible deejay on the line again of whom we’re very excited to...

Jul 13 • 7073 Views

Top Tracks Top Tracks

top mashups march mashup review


Apr 6 • 869 Views • No Comments on TOP MASHUPS OF THE MONTH – MARCH

It’s finally time for our TOP MASHUPS OF MARCH list!! March has brought along a couple of new faces as well as a lot of brilliant mashups! We, at Mashuplove really...

top tracks of the month


February has come to an end, which means it is time to give our opinion on the top 10 tracks released this month! We’ve had some amazing...

Feb 28 • 1169 Views


Top Tracks of the Month – January

1. Mashd N Kutcher – We Are MNK 2. Cut and Paste – How We Do Both Of Us 3. Breathing Room – Ethereal 4. Earlvin14...

Feb 1 • 1093 Views

Mashup Mashup

tcabby mashup 2015

TCabby – Kill Blond Cash Kings

May 23 • 89 Views • No Comments on TCabby – Kill Blond Cash Kings

Now that we already are throwing party bangers out, why not have one more? This time it is brought by TCabby, he has produced some lovely original mix’es, give it...

dj ryson mashup 2015 bad cuba

MOTT4: DJ Ryson – Bad C.U.B.A

New day, new release from Mash of The Titans 4! This time it is brought to you by DJ Ryson and is called “Bad...

May 22 • 266 Views

Dan Mei review mashup

MOTT4: Dan Mei – Mashup Dances

It was such thrilling news when we heard that next Mash of the Titans-release was by the one and only; kinsman, Dan...

May 21 • 340 Views

Remix Remix

vanic x tove styrke borderline remix 2015

Vanic x Tove Styrke – Borderline (remix)

Apr 14 • 299 Views • No Comments on Vanic x Tove Styrke – Borderline (remix)

We’ve always had a weakness for Vanic and his mesmerising dubstep tracks, or as some people like to call it ‘melodic’ dubstep – but who really cares about...

instrum will sparks another land remix review

Will Sparks – Another Land (Instrum Remix)

We cannot wait for the summer anymore, we are longing for the beaches, the sun and the fact that you can go outside without having 5 layers...

Mar 4 • 355 Views

KASBO and bender 50 cent vance joy remix

Vance Joy and 50 Cent (Kasbo and Bender Remix)

The australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy (James Keogh) did most definitely make his ‘breakout’ track “Riptide” back in may 2013....

Mar 2 • 477 Views


nervo edm dance it feels

NERVO – It Feels

Feb 26 • 364 Views • No Comments on NERVO – It Feels

If there is something we like besides music, then it would be girls! So you can’t come up with anything better than girls who can make music! Nervo is probably the...

stay strong venemy & bh edmstay strong venemy & bh

Stay Strong – Venemy & BH

We’ve found this incredible piece of dubstep, called ” Stay Strong ” and it is created by BH and Venemy....

Jan 30 • 383 Views

Pogo mix disney

Pogo – The Trouble (A Disney Mix)

Check out this pogoised track called “The Trouble” a fine mix of a bunch of the old disney movies – a great...

Sep 29 • 730 Views

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