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  • where did i go wrong cut and paste

    Where Did I Go Wrong – Cut and Paste

    Jan 30 • 199 Views • No Comments

    Cut and Paste always have great ideas with what they are doing, and “Where Did I Go Wrong” is just yet another proof of their consistent creativity! Cut and Paste are either doing wonderful genre-clashes, like they have done with their “Hit The Road...

  • stay strong venemy & bh edmstay strong venemy & bh

    Stay Strong – Venemy & BH

    Jan 30 • 113 Views • No Comments

    We’ve found this incredible piece of dubstep, called ” Stay Strong ” and it is created by BH and Venemy. We were trying to putting it into a genre, but as many of you know, genres can be a very confusing thing, melodic dub, epicstep, chillstep...

  • breathing room mashup

    Breathing Room – Ethereal

    Jan 28 • 232 Views • No Comments

    Being an eccentric mixture of rad hip-hop and a delightful, ethereal set of electric instrumentals, this mashup is easily one of the most invigorating tracks we have heard this year. The artist behind it, Breathing Room, has titled it “Ethereal”...

  • dj schmolli mashup

    DJ Schmolli – American Uptown Funk

    Jan 27 • 293 Views • No Comments

    A track that is being used quite a lot at the moment in mashups, is Mark Robinson’s and Bruno Mars’ funky track, “Uptown funk”. It’s with good reason of course, seeing as it is an extremely groovy track that really brings back some...

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young complicated blank space djdumpz dj firth

Young complicated blank space – DJdumpz & DJ Firth

Jan 23 • 263 Views • No Comments

DJdumpz is a mashup artist that we unfortunately didn’t hear about before late 2014. Luckily though we got to experience his music, and he is surprising us with every...

A + B mashup v. sigma happy cat disco

A + B Mashup – Brilliant sample combinations

Some mashups are just meant to be made! They might not involve spectacular mashing-technique or a great variety of song samples, however,...

Jan 21 • 221 Views

goperiscope See Fire Sometimes mashup review

Goperiscope – See Fire Sometimes

We were honestly very sceptical about this track before we even pressed the play button! You’ve probably heard Ed Sheeran’s “I See...

Jan 19 • 247 Views

terrible going van gogh mashup

Going Van Gogh – Terrible

We were told that Terrible has released a new album, and it was called “Going van Gogh” and had over 200 samples in it! Now obviously...

Jan 17 • 300 Views

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rock and roll total consumption

Rock and Roll never dies!

Jan 17 • 194 Views • No Comments

It’s still all about the Rock and Roll in the US! Nielsen Music took a big survey, and could conclude that rock has the highest album sales and total consumption....

mega mashup 2014

2014’s Best Megamashups!

The end of the year megamashups are without a doubt the highlight of mashup, and the majority of this year has...

Jan 7 • 259 Views


Mashup Germany at Moondoo! Sweat-soakingly banging!

It’s hard to even begin to explain the brilliance of the insane show that was Mashup Germany, playing at Moondoo...

Oct 23 • 712 Views

new ideas improvement

Another direction – a better website!

Lately, we’ve been discussing a lot about which direction we want Mashuplove to go, and been having the feeling that...

Oct 22 • 553 Views

EDM Reviews EDM Reviews

stay strong venemy & bh edmstay strong venemy & bh

Stay Strong – Venemy & BH

Jan 30 • 113 Views • No Comments

We’ve found this incredible piece of dubstep, called ” Stay Strong ” and it is created by BH and Venemy. We were trying to putting it into a genre, but as...

kygo sexual healing remix

Kygo Remix: Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

Kygo has made some sweet originals, but mainly people see him as “Kygo Remix” since that is what he mainly did to begin with....

Jan 13 • 242 Views

Pogo mix disney

Pogo – The Trouble (A Disney Mix)

Check out this pogoised track called “The Trouble” a fine mix of a bunch of the old disney movies – a great way to start the new...

Sep 29 • 541 Views

Jessie J Arianna Grande Nicki Minaj bang bang

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki-Minaj – bang bang (Imanos Gramercy remix)

Are you ready to experience something new? Experience a pop track in a way you’ve never heard it before? Experience bass? Then you’ve...

Sep 27 • 746 Views

Interviews Interviews


Live interview with Mashup Germany!

Oct 30 • 1054 Views • 1 Comment

We were sitting in the lobby of the four-stared superior hotel, that Ben (Mashup Germany) was staying in, tensely sipping a drink from the fancy bar when we first met...

Titus Jones Interview

Interview with Titus Jones

Calling all mashup lovers! We’ve got an incredible deejay on the line again of whom we’re very excited to...

Jul 13 • 6643 Views


Interview with the ingenious Robin Skouteris!

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have the great honor of giving you a short glimpse into the head of Robin Skouteris...

Jun 16 • 9908 Views

interview with cutandpaste

Interview with Cut + Paste

We’ve been interviewing the amazing deejays Cut + Paste, and they’ve really shared some great knowledge that other...

Apr 6 • 22911 Views

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