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Dj Schmolli – Rock of Ages!

May 15 • Reviews • 1132 Views • No Comments on Dj Schmolli – Rock of Ages!

Hold on to your hat and get ready to be blown away by the power of rock! Another formidable mashup by Dj Schmolli – this time in the name of the ledendary rock ‘n rollers!

The list of legends featuring in this mashup goes on, yet it feels nowhere close to crowded. The effort put into this masterpiece is awe-inspiring! Awesome editing and mixing; keeping it clean whilst constantly changing both vocals and instrumentals.
The golden link between Rock and Mashup is that Rock generally follows a similar pattern but is still kept apart by ingenuity and originality. This opens up to a world of mashup-possibilities, playing with the greatest rifts, combining the most remarkable chorus’ – exactly what Schmolli has done!

This mashup is five minutes of pure brilliance, but if we were to highlight at least something it would be at 1:06, where Bon Scott of AC/DC is teased by a neat edit of RHCP’s “Can’t stop”¬†guitarline, followed by an epic one on one with Deff Leppard and The Blackhearts, culminating in the Deff Leppard chorus – Rock of Ages!!

This is indeed a rock of ages. Shiver-sending mashing!

Has an amazing video as well, by none other than Panos T:

As always; huge credits to the makers of the original music – without you, there would be no mashup! :)

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